Saturday, November 16, 2019

Manti TeO Case Essay Example for Free

Manti TeO Case Essay By having read the comprising articles and the reader comments on the college football player Manti Te’o, this issue has many different meanings to many different readers. And as Gail Collins stated, â€Å"All I can say is, the story tells you a lot†, this open ended story clearly does give off a large amount of information and arouses a series of questions that anyone would hope to have answered for a better understanding. To me, this issue comes off as confusing, disturbing, and at the same time wretched. Even though Te’o had explained that he was hoaxed, I still am confused to what I believe. For some reason, I feel as though he has something to do with the person that has been hoaxing him all this time to make him not look completely foolish. In order for someone to accept to be in an online relationship, they must be absolutely desperate or grasping for a lot of attention. Especially because this is becoming a problem with someone like Manti Te’o is just puzzling. From someone who is a senior at Notre Dame College, and more than likely having dealt with a wide variety of different situations, anyone would think he would have had more common sense to go along with something like this. That is why most individuals, including me, can give a long explanation to why we are confused. After reading these articles, a different question popped up in my head after every sentence and this situation would be a lot more understandable if they were answered. To make a fake profile, and to use it as a way to make another individual feel sorrow for you is just alarming. It is incredible that today’s society has people that stimulate and have to deal with situations like this one. The fact that you can be in an extremely serious relationship over the internet, without ever meeting face to face, and knowing that Manti Te’o is one of the very many makes this society even more provoking. You hear about these types of issues more and more as time progresses. This issue is wretched because it is what today’s society is evolving to and society makes it okay for issues like this to occur. Television shows, social networking sites, magazines, and movies are putting ideas in people’s head and allowing them to think these types of occurrences are okay to perform. It is just absolutely terrible because issues like this are going to continue to occur because no one is attempting to put an end to it and people seem to be just falling into these types of pits more frequently. Consequently, if this situation was to teach anything, it was that our society has a lot ahead of us. Anyone can be a phony, everything in a way can be unreliable, and people need to realize this is become a truly large struggle. Gail Collins statement â€Å"All I can say is, the story tells you a lot† is an understatement. This story tells you much more than a lot and it tells you exa ctly what our future is beginning to become.

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