Monday, February 3, 2020

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Help me make a topic - Essay Example However, the term globalization gained prominence during the mid-1980s, and more so, after the 1990s. Scholars denote that innovation plays an important role in ensuring the development of globalization. They argue that innovations in telecommunications and information technology have led to the reduction of international and national transactions. Because of these reductions, opportunities in manufacturing have increased, especially so in remote areas (Rivoli, 31). This is because it is easy to communicate with various players within the manufacturing industry, at whatever location they are. Effective communication is an important element of the manufacturing process. Another important factor that has led to globalization is the various changes in the governance structure of the various national countries. These countries have opened up their economies, leading to free flow of goods, resulting to commerce. There are four basic elements of globalization, namely transactions and trade, migration of people and their movements, capital movement and investments, and dissemination of knowledge (Caporaso and Mary, 33). Basing on this background, this paper analyzes the globalization of coffee in its early stages of globalization. That is the periods of 1960s and 1970s. Coffee was introduced in African, Asia and some parts of America by the colonialists. During this period, colonial governments grew the product in their colonies for purposes of satisfying their domestic markets. For example, the British introduced coffee in the colonies of East Africa, and some countries of West Africa. They grew this product, and after harvesting, they took the coffee beans to Britain for processing and consumption. When they left, their colonies began to produce the substance for export, and as a means of earning foreign exchange (Peyser and Bill, 42). For instance in Kenya, the government that took over

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