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Participatory Research and Mapping Techniques †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Participatory Research and Mapping Techniques. Answer: Introduction The producer of eBay is considered as the incumbent and Amazon is deemed to be a challenger. Considering the situation of eBay and Amazon, Amazon is positioned as a company that emerged as a book seller and diversified its products to offering audio, video, jewelry and toys (Amazon., 2018). Whereas, eBay offers products just through its website and its sales rely on online auction. The objective of this paper is to employ the strategic analysis frameworks in order to carry out a detailed evaluation of the recent conditions of the combat that is eBay that can facilitate the company in evaluating strategies that can be employed in re-emerging within the new market. PESTEL analysis of the incumbent company eBay is conducted in order to evacuate can also facilitate in developing effective strategies for increasing its competitive advantages in the new market (Alho, Reis Aquino, 2015). Political Factors- Market performance of eBay s impacted of political factors that encompass market stability along with level of bureaucracy and corruption levels. In the year 2015, eBay got involved in a political controversy that made the company accused of collaborating with numerous retailers to defraud the taxman of million pounds regularly. It was also revealed that the non-EU sellers of eBay and Amazon were not paying their VAT tax in any nation that resulted in loss of million pounds yearly (Alix-Garcia et al., 2017). Economic Factors- These factors impact eBays growth and revenue prospects. The exchange rate within other currencies and USD is a factor that impacts reported profits of the company. Inflation rate change is another major economic aspect that has impact on the companys performance in international markets. MercadoLibre is a New York based listed company that is online based and e-Bay has major share in that. Moreover, considering that facts sold by these units increased by 12% and most of it was driven by drastic price increase (Arellano et al., 2017). Social Factors- The overall business of eBay is impacted by changing consumer preferences, variations in the lifestyle trends along with the buying patterns of consumers. It has been gathered that there has been gradual increase in the number of consumers those prefer online retailing in contrast to offline retailing. There has been a drastic shift in the ways of consumer purchasing along with products selling (Diniz, Kok, Hoogstra-Klein Arts, 2015). Technological Factors- Increasing advancement in the technology has indicated a drastic impact on the businesses all through the world. Business model of eBay is relied on internet that is greatly impacted by technological aspects that includes security threats, server breakdowns along with changes with respect to the online payments (Frynas Mellahi, 2015). Environmental Factors- eBay is deemed to deal with distinct environmental standards and norms that cab effect the profitability of the company in the markets (Dyer, Godfrey, Jensen Bryce, 2015). For instance, in US, Florida and Texas here are several liability clauses in case of environmental disasters or mishaps. Before entering the new markets, eBay needs to consider regulation towards ecological products and support for renewable energy. Legal Factors- eBay carefully analyses the markets before market entry as such factors can facilitate in attaining competitive edge. Such factors include anti-trust laws in specialty retail, copyright and consumer protection laws in e-commerce business on other nations. SWOT Analysis The SWOT Analysis of eBay is conducted in order to realize the strengths and weaknesses of this incumbent company that can reveal the weaknesses which resulted in Amazon to beat the company. It can also reveal opportunities through which eBay can re-enter the new market and attain competitive edge over Amazon (Editorial, 2018). Strengths Worlds widest internet marketplace Effective business model and no tough competition Economies of scale Payment system Reputation of brand Better localization Weaknesses Increased fees Absence of competitive and growth strategies Opportunities Increasing number of mobile shoppers Turning out to be a retailer Increase products and services portfolio by means of acquisition Open more online stores in other nations Threats Online security Exchange rates Increasing competitive threats from Amazon Regional decreased cost online retailers Porters Five Forces Analysis Porters five forces analysis is conducted for eBay in order to understand the competitive market within which the company runs its business. It can also facilitate the incumbent to compete successfully with Amazon as it can facilitate in developing strategies based on evaluation of external competition forces (Hill, Jones Schilling, 2014). Threat of Substitutes (low)- eBay has three subsequent categories such as Starhub, Marketplace and Classified. A wide range of supermarket chains including Tesco, Walmart and Amazon is observed to act as great substitution to eBay marketplace. In addition, the existence of e-commerce sites of every huge supermarket chains drastically increases the significance of such threat. Media advertising is considered as the substitute for the classifieds of the company (Alho, Reis Aquino, 2015). Bargaining Power of Suppliers (low)- There are several suppliers that sell their products through eBay and for every product there are numerous suppliers that offers the company with diverse options. This decreases this power and keeps eBay in control. This power is also observed to be low as eBay is a renowned brand and is a dormant player within e-commerce sector that decreases its suppliers clout (Alho, Reis Aquino, 2015). Bargaining Power of Buyers (high)- Consumers hold high influence within online market. This is because of the reason that numerous players are emerging in the market that tries to address the needs of consumers. Sone of such risks can be decreased because of wide range of services and products available within eBay and still the consumers bargaining power is high. Threat of New Entrants (Moderate)- Technology has decreased the barriers to entry within the e-commerce industry. Ay player with enough capital to invest within the technology can develop its individual e-commerce business. The emerge of small and large competitors such as Flipcart, Alibaba and Snapdeal at the global and national levels are examples of the same (Hill, Jones Schilling, 2014). PayPal that is only owned subsidiary of eBay is a leading player within online payments marketplace. Moreover, established and leading players like Amazon can hack into such market with their financial and technological strength. Rivalry among Existing Companies (Medium to high)- The rivalry in the industry for eBay is observed to be highly intensive. This is because of the reason of high industry growth rate ad increasing number of business rivals. eBay competes with several distributors, retailers, search engines and mail order organizations and one of its major competitor in e-commerce industry is Amazon (Hill, Jones Schilling, 2014). The suppliers and shipping carriers tends to hold some clout due to its limited number. Due to tough competition from better policies of Amazon the incumbent is observing less growth in its active users. TR Technology Cycle Analysis The TR Technological Cycle is intended to reevaluate the environmental impacts of the eBay packages that comes from the companys warehouses and is distributed within the local market. The two fulfillment enters those are near to the Claremont is situated in Arizona and California (Ramirez-Gomez et al., 2015). No outside manufactures are considered by the incompact company eBay that is observed in the case of its challenger company Amazon. This is because of the reason that in case the package is derived from the manufacturer situated in China, United Kingdom or in other locations. The company is observed to disregard the effects related with the production and transpiration of eBay products to the fulfillment center. eBay is recently observed to be in the growth stage and in this stage the competition is increasing and its challenger company of this incumbent that is Amazon is fighting to attain most of the e-commerce industrys market share (Rothaermel, 2015). In such situation eBay needs to develop effective competitive strategies that can facilitate this e-commerce company in attaining 500 crores mar as internet usage in the nation increases. And the people get accustomed to making the online purchases. Three Phases of Innovation Model eBay is observed to have a distinct approach in developing new mobile platforms based on following three phases of simplified innovation process. These steps include conception, implementation and marketing (Hill, Jones Schilling, 2014). In the conception process eBay is observed to focus on its requirement analysis, idea generation, evaluation of its new ideas along with project planning. The implementation process of eBay is focused on development, prototype development along with pilot testing and application of its innovative strategies. The marketing process of eBay is focused on production, market launch along with domestic as well as international market penetration (LRoe, Rausch, Munger Gibbs, 2016). Based on such phases, eBays international-commerce business nature, the cost leadership generic competitive strategy focusses its strategic objectives that includes decreased prices along with broad profit margins. For instance, eBay has a suitable strategic innovation strategy to develop integrating cutting-edge technologies in order to attain economies of scale. Consequences of developing such innovation strategy needs developing online digital technologies in order to attain competitive advantage over its challenger, Amazon (Lasserre, 2017). eBay as an incumbent innovates its products in a manner to position itself as a cost leader through strategic implementation of its balancing prices, profit targets along with maintaining attractiveness of the online retail platform. The dominate intensive growth innovative strategy is deemed to be market penetration. Through this intensive innovation strategy, the organization maintains business growth through increasing the number of people by means of trade by means of its multinational e-commerce platform (Percy Elliott, 2016). Recommendations based on the incumbent to re-emerge in new market Based on the market position of the incumbent company eBay, certain effective re-emerging strategy recommendations are offed to the company in attaining competitive edge over its challenger company Amazon. The recommendations are provided to the company so that it can be able to strategically respond to the internal as well as external factors related with the environment of the industry. Management of eBay is recommended to consider the growth opportunities for the business growth. Certain recommendations are also offered to the company in increasing its rate of innovation that can deal with rapid changes in technologies by Amazon and to deal with the imitation threat from new entrants. In order to reemerge in the global e-commerce market, he incumbent is recommended to increase its degree of decentralization. This can facilitate the company to enhance its business flexibility to the market difference of e-commerce. Moreover, eBay must focus on expanding its business operations in the international market that can facilitate building the economies of scale. In order to position itself in the global market eBay is recommended to innovate virtual shopping market that can facilitate the company in attaining its global market extension. The company is recommended to offers may item specifics as possible. Item specifics can describe the companys product in a better manner and can have a superior role in its product search results. For re-establishing its business in a competitive manner eBay is recommended to include five building blocks that is randomly applied all through the history of the company. This includes co-adaptation, improvisation, experimentation, regeneration along with time pacing. This can facilitate the company to include ten major principles regarding competing on edge concerned with the organization, strategy and leadership. Conclusions The objective of this paper is to employ the strategic analysis frameworks in order to carry out a detailed evaluation of the recent conditions of the combat that is eBay that can facilitate the company in evaluating strategies that can be employed in re-emerging within the new market. It is gathered from the paper that the implementation process of eBay is focused on development, prototype development along with pilot testing and application of its innovative strategies. It is also gathered that increasing advancement in the technology has indicated a drastic impact on the businesses all through the world. Business model of eBay is relied on internet that is greatly impacted by technological aspects that includes security threats, server breakdowns along with changes with respect to the online payments. References Alho, C. J., Reis, R. E., Aquino, P. P. (2015). 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